Health Academy for Educators

Structure Course Content

Learning Management System

Tailor specific content to your class or students through an easy ‘drag and drop’ method with the ability to focus on specific syllabus points or assessments.

Integrated ATAR Syllabus

Curriculum Aligned Content

Avoid overloading students with irrelevant websites and resources with one integrated hub for all course content and information.

Reinforce Learning

Test Your Students

Reinforce learnt content through a number of features such as creating quizzes, designing assessments and constructing assignment submissions.


Generate quizzes that align with learnt content throughout the course to gauge student progress and knowledge.


Prepare students for exams or tests by creating written assessment submissions displaying their knowledge from the whole course.


Test key syllabus points through flip cards in a fun yet rewarding environment.


Reward successful and motivated students through certificates, prizes and achievements by creating a competitive environment amongst students.

Choose the perfect plan

Choose between our different plans meeting subscription options meeting a range of needs or get in contact with us to discuss pricing options and alternatives!

$ 14.99
  • 1x school and home licence
  • Unlimited access to all courses and quizzes
  • Unlimited access to the lesson and quiz builder
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module

Recommended Plan

$ 999
  • Up to 500 school and home licences
  • Access to all courses
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module
  • 1x Virtual Reality kit
$ 700
  • Up to 500 school and home licences
  • Access to all courses
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module

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Health Academy is a pedagogic, interactive, inclusive, and multimodal online learning platform for health-related subjects.