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If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

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Curriculum-aligned content

The Health Academy Courses are aligned with the standard curriculum to offer teachers relevant pedagogical content that can easily be integrated into the teaching schedule to meet the relevant learning objectives.

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Enhanced visualisation with our 3D/VR models

A variety of 3D and Virtual Reality models of human anatomy and cellular and molecular biology are embedded within the lessons to enable a much deeper understanding of the content delivered and a higher engagement through a learning-by-doing approach.

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Accurate and engaging resources

Our Courses combine accurate and detailed 3D/VR models, interactive elements, videos, illustrations, and text-based content to offer an engaging and educational learning experience that meets students preferred learning modalities.

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Multimodal learning

Besides combining multiple learning modalities (audio, video, tactile, kinaesthetic) in one single platform, Health Academy is fully compatibility with any operating system and device (desktops, tablets, smartphone) to enable easy and immediate access to the lessons anytime and anywhere.

Features list

100+ accurate
3D/VR models

Our courses include a variety of models of human anatomy, cellular and molecular biology for immersive exploration in 3D or in a Virtual Reality environment through standalone VR headsets. 

In addition, our Virtual Anatomy module enables manipulation of each anatomical component of the human male and female anatomies for practical learning experience.

80+ fully customisable lessons and assessments

With an easy and intuitive drag-and-drop system, interactive elements and text-based content can be added and styled to any new or existing course to tailor the teaching resources to the receiving students.

The lesson and assessment builder is designed to create easy-to-use customisable professionally-looking courses. 

LMS reporting system

The Learning Management System (LMS) provides continuous and easy access to courses, assessments, analytics and reports to manage each group of students effectively and identify learning gaps for early intervention.

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  • Free Virtual Anatomy module
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  • Up to 500 school and home licences
  • Access to all courses and lesson builder
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module

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Health Academy is a pedagogic, interactive, inclusive, and multimodal online learning platform for health-related subjects.