Health Academy for Students

Don't settle for boring textbooks

engaging content

Redefine that way you learn moving away from old school textbooks to a practical way of learning.

Visualise concepts in 3D

VR Learning

Some concepts and theories are just not understood through reading and writing. Take your learning to the next level through a ‘Virtual Reality’ headset to truly visulaise what you are learning.

Compete with your classmates

Rewards, Rankings and Prizes

Challenge and compete with your fellow classmates in the content learnt to find out who is truly the smartest!

three-dimensional models

Gain a holistic approach to certain concepts through interactive models rather than memorising concepts.

Virtual reality learning

View models, concepts and videos in virtual reality to increase your creativity and evoke a practical learning experience.


Test key syllabus points through flip cards in a fun yet rewarding environment.

multimedia content

Sometimes memorising concepts and definitions is just plain boring. Capitalise on a whole platform full of videos, diagrams and models to fully reinforce what you are learning.

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$ 14.99
  • 1x school and home licence
  • Unlimited access to all courses and quizzes
  • Unlimited access to the lesson and quiz builder
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module

Recommended Plan

$ 999
  • Up to 500 school and home licences
  • Access to all courses
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module
  • 1x Virtual Reality kit
$ 700
  • Up to 500 school and home licences
  • Access to all courses
  • Free Virtual Anatomy module

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Health Academy is a pedagogic, interactive, inclusive, and multimodal online learning platform for health-related subjects.